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. And hundreds more play , which include ice hockey, soccer, and even bass fishing.

…to win. There are sports, of course! But maybe you’d rather talk than tackle, or code than catch. Our debate team is among the best in the Southeast. Our information technology team is a regional force. Where to start? See our to find out about the possibilities.

…to serve. Every year students and faculty provide more than 500,000 hours of direct . They do it through , 22 , and other opportunities, including courses.?

…to enjoy. Enjoy the music (we have ); savor the celebrations (Lagniappe Day, , , and more); relax in the Jazzman’s Café.

…and to live well. You’ll find many ways to call UL Lafayette home, including our . And you’ll find stellar student services, including dining and , that will enhance your days. But best of all is the welcome you’ll get when you join us.