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Fun Around Campus

Looking for something to do around campus or in Lafayette? Here is a list of places to visit and activities to experience.

Health & Fitness

Whether you want to or , our rec center has what you need to stay in shape and feel great. We even have classes.

Art & Museums

The is located on campus, just a quick walk from any residence hall or parking garage. Numerous exhibits, events, festivals, and programs take place at the museum every year, so that will always be something to spark your interest. Just a short distance from campus in the Lafayette downtown area, you can find the which even has a planetarium. and are also nearby and are a great way to experience authentic Cajun living circa the 1800s.


西藏快3破解,西藏快3破解APPIt's pretty clear how much we like to celebrate in Cajun country when you look at all of the . As a UL Lafayette student, you're right in the center of all the fun. is in our backyard every year at Girard Park. draws people from around the world, and it's only a mile away in Parc International.

Live Performances

Locations on campus, such as Burke Hawthorne Hall, host performances by students in the and . The and are great venues to catch concerts and live acts, including plays and ballets. Every fall and spring has great music acts for free.


The Bayou Bijou Film Series brings provocative, adventurous, and exciting films from around the world to our community. Bayou Bijou is located in the , which is currently under construction. Downtown Lafayette's features family friendly movies and crowd favorites under the stars in Parc International.

Sporting Events

You can cheer on the all year long through football, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, and much more! There are dozens of to join if you want to be a part of the action. There are even minor league and teams in the area.