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, operating under the Vice President of Research, aids university researchers by facilitating the overall grant process, while balancing the need for institutional, governmental and sponsor . ORSP assists in identifying funding opportunities, conceptualizing and preparing grant proposals, securing institutional approval for proposals, and submitting proposals for funding.

西藏快3破解,西藏快3破解APP is responsible for overseeing University functions related to sponsored research and other associated activities. These include encouraging and supporting sponsored research, technology transfer and other economic development activities, the operation of the University Research Park and many of the research centers on campus. In addition, this office is responsible for building strong, supportive alliances with local, regional, state, and national business, governmental, and industrial leaders that will result in bringing funding, equipment, services and other resources to the University. In cooperation with degree granting colleges and academic units at UL Lafayette, this office works to ensure that the University provides a setting in which quality research is initiated, nurtured, and completed.

The manages the intellectual property rights of all research done in conjunction with the University. The OIM monitors new, innovative ideas developing in every department across the UL Lafayette campus, secures the appropriate protections for inventions (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.), and accelerates the movement of products from the lab to the marketplace. Academic technology transfer, as it is known, brought in over $2 billion total income in 2010 to the 183 American institutions, including UL Lafayette, that report their transfer activities, and is critically important to America’s dynamic innovation regime and the University’s long-range goals.

provides support for University committees that review and approve research involving the use of human participants, pathogens, recombinant DNA, radiation and radioactive materials, and vertebrate animals to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations and guidelines.? It also oversees responsible conduct of research training, provides information about financial conflict of interest reporting, and assists with research misconduct investigations, export controls licenses and biological import licenses.

Related Offices

西藏快3破解,西藏快3破解APP provides post-award support services to the University’s research faculty and staff. SPFAC manages any award monies received, advises award recipients on project management, and ensures . SPFAC reports to the Vice President of Administration and Finance while working closely with the above-mentioned offices to provide a smooth transition from pre-award to post-award.